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Bitcoin trends throughout the world

Looking at Google Trends you can clearly see how the Bitcoin trends spread throughout the world. First lets’ take a look at a geographical representation of “Bitcoin” searches (you can hover over the map to see more details on each country):

It’s kind of hard to see but amazingly enough the leading countries in search of Bitcoin are Estonia and Finland with the US in the third place.  Finland would be at the top since Bitcoin is legal to use over there and Estona is an “Early Adopter” country. It is one of the first countries in the world to embrace online banking, streaming TV online, and have one of the best fibre networks in Europe.  If we take a deeper look into the leader board here are the actual results:
Only 5 out of the 10 who are in first place have legalized Bitcoin to some extent (Canada, Australia, US, Netherlands and Finland).

finally we can take a look at the Bitcoin interest overtime and see that although there was a great downfall after the Bitcoin crashed on April 2013 the global trend is indeed rising.

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