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Bitcoin Ticker mobile app

After the success of the coin ticker widget for WP, I’ve decided to create a mobile app to show the latest Bitcoin prices and news updates. The app is currently available only for Android and is 100% free with no advertising in it.

Through the app you will be able to:

  • Get the latest Bitcoin prices from Mt.Gox, BTC-E, BTC-China and Bitstamp
  • See historical price data up to 30 days back
  • Get the latest Bitcoin news updates in an ever updating news feed

Since this is only the first version I assume there will be some issues here and there, so if you have any feedback about the app I’d more than appriciate you writing to me and letting me know about it. Also don’t forget to rate and leave your review. Here are a few screenshots from the Android version.

   Bitcoin ticker news feed     Bitcoin ticker price

       get 99 bitcoins on google play                Bitcoin Ticker coming soon

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    1. Yes there is. As you can see above, you can get it in Google Play and it’s coming to the app store soon.

  1. Thanks. I AM enjoying the education and new excitement being at the birth stage of a currency and future economic powerhouse!


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