Bitcoin seller btcQuick is almost celebrating one year with $2 million in sales

Almost $2 million in sales: that’s the milestone recently achieved by the Bitcoin service btcQuick. The company, based in Colorado (United States), is very close to its first birthday, which will be celebrated in November.

btcQuick is exactly known for its rapid transactions, thanks to a platform coded in PHP, using the Twitter Bootstrap front end, according to Coindesk. The service works in a simple way: when users want to purchase Bitcoins with US dollars, btcQuick buys the cryptocurrency from an exchange and then sends the coins to the customer’s Bitcoin address or to their email address, though

The company definitely provides one of the fastest ways out there to get Bitcoins, but the fees can be a little high, going from three to 7.5 percent. btcQuick works mainly with North-American clients – 70.5 percent of their sales are related to the United States -, but the service is also getting Bitcoins for clients in Canada, Australia, Argentina or China.

To use the service, the customers have to go through verification procedures by proving their identity. But after that they can buy Bitcoins really quickly with their credit or debit card.

However, some changes might be near, since btcQuick is currently working towards FinCen compliance. While that matter isn’t concluded, the company’s CEO Jerrod Bunce announced that the service might be pulling out of three US states: New York, California and Texas.

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