Why would I want to use BitcoinCore

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersWhy would I want to use BitcoinCore

Robert asked 2 years ago

Why would I want to use BitcoinCore, seeing as it takes forever to sync, and appears to be a very basic interface? Is there some real value to it that I don’t know about, given that it seems to be the official app used by the bitcointalk forum

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Ofir Beigel answered 2 years ago

Hey Robert, great question. If you’re just looking to use Bitcoin as quickly as possible there’s no reason to download Bitcoin core. However if you want to support the Bitcoin network itself, if you run Bitcoin core you’re basically activating another node in the system. This means that you are now actively helping to validate transactions whenever you are online. Here’s a complete explanation about Bitcoin nodes.
However, if you’re just starting out – no need to download BitcoinCore. Using Greenaddress, Blockchain.info, Coinbase or any of the other recommended wallets is totally fine.

Ofir Beigel answered 2 years ago

Interesting point of view, however you won’t be the first to say that :)

Bitcoin Obituaries: Following Bitcoin While it Dies and Goes Up in Price

I wouldn’t be so quick on creating a Bitcoin eulogy. I know the situation seems strange, I agree. However this currency has survived over 8 years no and has grown thousands in value. In any case I guess only time will tell. In the end it boils down to if you believe in Bitcoin’s vision or not, and I personally do.

Ofir Beigel answered 2 years ago

As far as I know yes – or else it won’t be able to validate transactions.

Robert answered 2 years ago

Thanks for the quick reply. Interesting, especially the page on your blog that you redirected me to.
Really, I’m wondering why Bitcoin is in decline. The list of nodes
5342 nodes as of Mon Oct 31 2016 09:27:21 GMT+0000 (GMT)
appears to be fairly minimal, and declining. I know that there has been some trouble in the Bitcoin camp, but has it been enough to spell the death of Bitcoin?
I guess this is a 64 Million dollar question, but it does leave me still wondering why bother supporting Bitcoin. If it’s in decline – and there are no more bitcoins being produced, or there is a finite number anyway, where does it go from here?
So not only does it seem strange to want to support the BitcoinCore network under these conditions, and indeed support it for free… but I’m not seeing a positive future for it at all?
I have a couple of different wallets that I use for investigating the whole business – I’m not doing anything serious with it all, just investigating the various crypto-currencies. BitcoinCore-QT pops up at the top of the heap.
Maybe you know something different, but if Bitcoin is as good as dead in the water, and no more are available to mine or otherwise, there doesn’t seem much point in it. ??

Robert answered 2 years ago

Yes, interesting. I’m now running a node on the spare machine, and I may as well leave it run for something for it to do.
Does BitcoinCore have to be on 8333 I wonder?

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