Which RX card for ETH mining?

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Andreas kallesø asked 3 years ago

Hi everyone, i’ve seen that mining is getting more popular and i thought that i maybe should jump onto the train. So i’ve already got a 550W power supply from an older build, i can get a Asus P7P550 PRO motherboard and an i5 760 both used for around 100$ and i’m gonna build the case myself. So first question: Do you have any ideas for a better build for ethereum mining? And second question: Which RX gpu is best with the build and for ethereum mining? I’m able to get a RX 470, RX 480, RX 570 and RX 580 all both 4GB and 8GB. But also which BRAND do you suggest would be best for the mining because i’ve head that the sapphire RX 470 reference design is the best but that’s pretty much the only card that’s sold out where i live. Is it even worth it mining with one gpu only? Which GPU uses least elictricity? And for the last question: Do you think a 14 year old who only have build a gamer rig could be able to build a miner rig like this?
So thanks and have a nice day 😉

1 Answers
Zsofia Elek answered 3 years ago

Hi Andreas,
first of all, age is just a number, if you do your research you will definitely be able to build your mining rig.
On your further questions, we have composed an article about how to get started with Ethereum mining, the RX 480 could be a good choice for GPU. We do not have too much experience on the technical side of mining, I suggest you to open a topic on Ethereum Forum, where more experienced miners will be able to advise you on motherboard and CPU. 

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