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Rohit Dhingra asked 11 months ago

HI Steven,
I just got my first s9 machine from Bitmain and waiting for 2 L3+ machines coming next month
I would like to know which pool you recommend to join Antpool or Btcc or any other pool you recommend based on their fees and services they provide.
and also i live in Canada and we get 110 volts will it be okey to put three machines at home,….my house is 5 years old will the electric circuit in the house be able to manage the demand these 3 machines will draw.
and also if you can tell how many machines can i put in the house ?
Thanks in advance.

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Steven Hay answered 11 months ago

Hey Rohit,
I would recommend Slush pool! There was a comparison about a month ago which revealed that Slush pays out the most to its members. Slush has also been on the right side of all the major Bitcoin issues, at least in my opinion and to the best of my knowledge. They’ve been around a really long time and I can’t remember hearing anything bad about them in all that time.
I think the house’s wiring will be ok with it, so long as there aren’t any underlying electrical issues. The power draw isn’t THAT much for three mining devices, maybe something like running 3 or 4 kettles at once – or a big oven or welder maybe.
Of course, you must ensure that the devices are compatible with your power supply, and if not you’ll need to use a converter to provide the proper type of electricity. I don’t know about the maximum number of devices, you should ask your power utility or an electrician… I think more than power draw, it will depend on how well you (and your family / housemates / neighbours) can tolerate the noise, heat and inconvenience of these devices running constantly. You’ll just have to see how that goes…

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