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Rohit asked 1 year ago

I am new to this and want to invest in cryptocurrency mining, I am not sure what to buy Antimier S9 or
Antiminer L3+

want to buy atleast 4 machines

If i order today 30 Nov 2017 I will be getting the machines in March 18, will it be still
profitable to mine Bitcoin as they say it will be reaching 21million limit soon.
will it be profitable to mine litecoin with L3+ machine in march 2018

can i use L3+ or S9 machine to mine any other coin and will it be profitable in march 2018.


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Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi Rohit,
Bitmain are a pretty evil company so if you want to mine Bitcoin then I’d suggest you get a DragonMint miner instead. You have to order 5 of them at this stage but they are 30% more efficient than the S9. Buying from Dragonmint will also help to decentralize Bitcoin mining.
I can’t tell you if Litecoin will be profitable to mine in the future, without knowing your electricity costs and the future Litecoin difficulty and price. It’s a gamble on the last two elements, but the lower your power costs the higher your odds of profit.
The 21 million limit will only be reached after 2100 but note that Bitcoin rewards halve every 4 years. The next halving will occur in roughly 1329800 minutes from this reply, or about 2.5 years.
An S9 will mine any SHA-256 crypto, an L3+ will mine any Scrypt crypto.
Check out CoinWarz and sort their results by coin algorithm to see which will be mineable:

rohit dhingra replied 1 year ago

Thanks Steven

Just few things

is this the ligit site to buy dragonmint


so what i understand is that we still have 2.5 years to mine bitcoin
we can still make some money at this difficulty level and price of Bitcoin

will buy dragonmint

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