where to report www.credotrade.com is a scam

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: General questionswhere to report www.credotrade.com is a scam
Rohit asked 3 months ago

this website is a fraud, they take your money and promise to make you money by trading on your behalf or you can trade by yourself but once you send your money in, you can’t take it out…they won’t pick up your phone or reply to your emails, they block you only – other people can call
It is run by Raymond and Felix – probably fake name
they say there office is in UK but i doubt if they have any real office
please be aware they are scam artist.

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 3 months ago

Hi Rohit,
Sorry that you got scammed by these people. Many (if not most (if not ALL)) of these forex / BTC trading automatic systems are Ponzi scams, especially those with a pyramid marketing structure whereby you earn rewards for bringing in other people.
I’m not sure where exactly you can report such things, it depends on your country. You can at least report the site to Google, who will remove it from search results or mark it with a warning if they receive enough such reports. Otherwise I suggest that you contact your local authorities and enquire about how to report this scam.

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