Where is best for a US resident to buy ETC? Also, Ledger S is 79EU (or $97.31 US) today.

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: General questionsWhere is best for a US resident to buy ETC? Also, Ledger S is 79EU (or $97.31 US) today.

HeatherJoy Johnson asked 10 months ago

Hello Steven, Nate and 99bitcoin team.  Your answer makes great sense, not to buy wallets from a reseller in case of tampering.  I bought the Nano S today from Ledgerwallet.com for 79EU (which is $97.31 US) and will bite the bullet and pay the small customs charge.  They don’t say up-front what it is.  My question is, in light of your recent reports about Coinbase lawsuits, where’s the best place to buy ETC from the US?  And does it have to be converted from Etherium?  Thanks!  Heather Joy

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Steven Hay answered 10 months ago

Hi HeatherJoy,
Thanks, glad you agree. As you might one day be storing great wealth on the device, it’s best to eliminate any any security risks. I would be interested to learn how much customs ends up charging you! I hope it won’t be more than 10%.
So, I find it hard to recommend Coinbase at the best of times, lawsuits aside. While Coinbase as a broker is easy for newcomers and GDAX as an exchange usually works well, Coinbase has a rather chequered history when it comes to support for Bitcoin development. There’s a long list of grievances which Bitcoiners have against Coinbase – support for the New York Agreement and slowness to adopt SegWit and batching are probably chief among them, although the Bcash thing was pretty shoddy behaviour too.
Anyway, I would instead recommend Kraken.com exchange. Their order system (unless you use the new graphical interface) is a bit more confusing than Coinbase’s but otherwise their fees are comparable. Kraken also offers a much wider selection of coins. I also have more faith in Kraken to do the right thing when it comes to Bitcoin and so far, so good.
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