Where are my bitcoins?

james asked 1 year ago

I bought bitcions here and an hour later nothing has still been credited to my bitcoin wallet. wtf
is this place a scam?

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Ofir Beigel answered 1 year ago

Hey James nice to meet you.
I assume you went through the process listed on this page. If not please let me know so I’ll know how to look into this. In any case, email me directly through the contact form so I can take a deeper look. We don’t sell any Bitcoins directly on 99Bitcoins but we do connect you with exchanges around the world. Once I understand what you were trying to do I’ll know how to help you out.
Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Ofir Beigel replied 1 year ago

Stephen, please open a new question for this topic

Stephen wallace replied 1 year ago

Hi There,
I have transfered funds from my HW1 wallet to my bitstamp account and the funds seem to have gone missing. It is showing up in the wallet as transferred but I can’t see anything at the bitstamp end. I have contacted bitstamp and they are not being helpful. Is there anyway of tracking my bitstamp funds.

Here is the transaction ID

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