What’s the hype?

Angela asked 2 years ago

If you have small fractions of a bitcoin, how can you purchase merchandise? If you were not fortunate enough to learn about bitcoin in 08, or whenever the gold fever hit, how can it be better for society? How can you make those small fractions of a bitcoin work for you? Are people willing to buy your small fractions of bitcoins? I have a few apps that pay me/ give me small fractions, one has paid out already, but is the purpose to work toward 1 whole bitcoin? I just found out about bitcoins about three days ago. Then I got the fever. How do you work the rotators? Thank you in advance for taking the time to read through my questions and for answers.

1 Answers
Zsofia Elek answered 2 years ago

Hi Angela, We have a page summarizing the businesses that accept Bitcoin as payment. It depends on the product you want to buy, you may be able to spend just small amount of coins as well. You can also sell your coins at exchanges, these are accepting transactions for even small amount of Satoshis. Regaring to Bitcoin rotators, I suggest you to read this article about making money with Faucets, it can be helpful for you.  

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