What is best currency to use to buy ripple?

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: General questionsWhat is best currency to use to buy ripple?

graham lee asked 10 months ago

I am new to this site and want to buy ripple. What is the best crypto currency to use to buy ripple. I want to buy crypto currency with £ £  so will have to use coinbase to exchange ££ to buy a crypto currency ? Then use binance to exchange that crypto currency to ripple is that correct ?  Thanks 

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 10 months ago

Hi Graham,
What I’ve seen recommended and which seems like a good option to me this is this: open a Euro account with your bank, exchange GBP for EUR via TransferWise or a similar service, then send your EUR to Bitstamp or Kraken for purchasing XRP.
There are a lot of small exchanges / brokers in the UK which purport to sell XRP for Pounds but they seem unreliable and expensive, so I’d advise against those unless you’ve done a lot of homework on them.
Of course, it’s easier to buy Bitcoin for Pounds and then exchange that BTC for XRP – you can do that on almost any crypto exchange which has XRP (which is most of them which don’t cater exclusively to Bitcoin, although not yet on Coinbase).

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