What is best and secure way to login to MyEtherwallet

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Kai asked 1 year ago

What is best and secure way to login to MyEtherwallet:
Using MetaMask or Run MyEtherWallet Offline and Locally?

in the past I have logged in normal “online”?! but now I think its time to change that.

Or is it really the best to use Hardware Wallet, I dont know why I dont believe in that, maybe because I think this Hardware Wallet could be destroyed or defect for any reason, so what will hapen if that Hardware is deffect or I lose it, or its only to login and not to save your Privat key etc. maybe the Offline and Locally is the best etc. please advice me


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Miguel answered 1 year ago

The hardware wallet
if your hardware wallet is destroyed, you just buy the new one and restore it with your 24 words 
the important is the words, if you lose them you lose the coins, if you have it you are able to restore in an hardware wallet or even in some online wallets.

Miguel replied 1 year ago

Ledger does support Alcoin, Ripple. Litcoin, Ethereum and more…

Steven Hay replied 1 year ago

Hi Kai,

Miguel’s answer is correct, thank you Miguel.

Trezor and Ledger Nano hardware wallets can be used for generating and storing your MyEtherWallet private key. MEW in turn gives you access to all ERC-20 tokens for ICOs. This would be the most secure way to use ICO tokens.

Kai replied 1 year ago

Thanks for your quick reply.

BUT Hardware Wallet do not support all altcoin, I am investing in ICO, and I wish to save that secure.

What is better:

MetaMask or Run MyEtherWallet Offline and Locally

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