Warning about WIREX fees

Jonathan Carr asked 10 months ago

Just a warning about WIREX fees which are very high.
on an attempt to move £180 from them to an electrum wallet today they are charging £12.
support staff have refused to answer what this fee is directly.
They claim that this is a blockchain fee but as we all know it can’t be, as the miner’s fee is 0.0005 btc.
A similar business which does debit cards is crypto pay whose fee base is significantly lower.

1 Answers
Zsofia Elek answered 10 months ago

Hi Jonathan,
thanks for sharing your story with Wirex. I am not sure either what is the high fee you see on the transaction. You could check the transaction ID on the blockchain and there the transaction fee is transparent to anyone, maybe you can raise that to Wirex as well.

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