Want to buy Cryptos NEM & XRP from Kuwait using DEBIT card

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: General questionsWant to buy Cryptos NEM & XRP from Kuwait using DEBIT card

Nabeel asked 2 years ago

Dear Experts,
I m totally a new bee in the crypto world. Recently i got interested in this crypto currecncies after reading few articles. After going through the web a lot , i decided to start with NEM , XRP as a beginning and keep it in the wallet for a long period…But i m confused on which exchange\Wallet to choose which supports these currencies and the country. these r my queries below

  1. suggest a  wallet i should choose which supports these currencies
  2. suggest an exchange which trades on these currencies and ALLOW TO BUY USING DEBIT cards from KUWAIT


1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 2 years ago

Hi Nabeel,
My personal advice would be to get some Bitcoin too. It’s expensive at the moment compared to other cryptos but this is because it has the best chance of becoming the new monetary standard. Perhaps wait for a dip to buy in or buy a set amount each month.
As for your questions:

  1. I suggest getting any type of wallet which is listed on the official website for these cryptos. If you intend to purchase a substantial amount, then it’s best to get a software wallet which runs on your PC. Online wallets are low security and mobile wallets aren’t much better, however their convenience may be suitable for small amounts of value. You can also check out multicurrency wallets like Jaxx and Exodus to see if they support both these coins.
  2. Yes, I suggest you use either CoinMama exchange or BitFils broker. Both services accept debit cards within Kuwait. However, they only sell Bitcoin… So buy the Bitcoin then you can send it to any cryptocurrency exchange which supports XRP & NEM in order to swap BTC for those. I recommend this method as I’m not aware of any altcoin exchanges suitable for your location and payment method. Some good crypto conversion services are Shapeshift and Changelly and some good crypto exchanges are Poloniex and Bittrex. All of these sites should only require an email address at most in order to allow trading.

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