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Ana asked 2 years ago

hello, its been a while i read your site, and just these days im looking for something i cant find yet, i wanted to ask you about the exchangers with out of blockchain transactions, as far as i know coinbase has this kind of transactions between their own wallets, i wonder if theres any other wallet provider does the same thing?
i tried to send from my coinbase wallet to a friend with a coinbase wallet too but it asks me to send more than 10k satoshis, so i dont know where the mistake is, i guess Xapo used those kind of transactions too.
Do you know any wallet that let send small amount of satoshis through those out of blockchain transactions between the same users of the wallet service?

1 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 2 years ago

Hey Ana nice to meet you 🙂
Usually any reputable exchange won’t conduct these “off blockchain” transactions since that beats the whole point of Bitcoin. Whenever you send a Bitcoin transaction you want it to be included into the blockchain so that you know it’s verified.
I don’t know of any company that I can trust that has these kind of transactions you are looking for, and I also wouldn’t trust any company that conducts them.
I guess there are some wallet like Blockchain.info that will let you send less the 10,000 Satoshis, but with today’s fees it’s going to be quite expensive.

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