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Christina Pongracic asked 12 months ago

Is there anywhere on this website where someone who has tried to understand wallets and how they work can figure out how to transfer money to them? I’m just at a loss, and I feel like a moron. I got Ledger Nano S, and I set it up, but I’m so stuck and out of my depth. Thank you!

2 Answers
Steven Hay answered 12 months ago

Hey Christina,
Well, if the Ledger is setup and you’ve accurately recorded and safely stored your backup seed and PIN, then you’re ready to rock. If you go to the “Receive” tab of the Ledger Bitcoin wallet, you’ll see a list of Bitcoin addresses. If you buy BTC on any exchange or from a person, then you can use those Ledger addresses to receive your BTC – it’ll then be safely stored by your Ledger. Just take it slow and follow the Ledger documentation and it’ll become clear in time. I recommend buying some small amounts of BTC, like $10 or so, and moving it between the exchange, your Ledger addresses, maybe a friend’s wallet – this will help you to get the hang of the system without putting any big money at risk.

Sreenivasa Raja answered 12 months ago

Hey Christina, As per your details given, I assume a can help you.
I am a professional and can help you with this and consult regarding your account, but my charge would be 5% of the BTC remaining in your account, if you are satisfied only.
If you are genuine and really interested, please mail me @ [email protected]

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