Wallet help for ETH and XRP

Rishabh Lohiya asked 12 months ago

Dear sir/ma’am
I have been looking for a wallet which is easily accessible also on android, and most importantly supports ETH and XRP. Also, please suggest if it is a good idea to store all my cryptocurrencies in one single wallet or not?
Thank you in advance.

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 12 months ago

Hey Rishabh,
Well, I’m hesitant to recommend multiwallets in general as it seems to me that the developers can’t give each coin the focus required to ensure maximum security and compatibility. There have been – and are – many issues with such wallets, including the fact that most of them are closed source and so can’t be considered as trustworthy as open source wallets which are open to scrutiny. Putting a multiwallet on a cellphone – a device designed to communicate with an OS not built for security – compounds my concerns.
I would say that you’re better off using dedicated software wallets, rather than mobile multiwallets, especially if storing any significant amount of crypto. The Ledger Nano S can store both Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin and about 10 other coins with excellent security. This is probably the safest way to store XRP & ETH although I’m not sure there are compatible Android wallets for Ripple – for Bitcoin and Ethereum, certainly.

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