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Steven Zinhagel asked 1 year ago

Dear Mrs and Mr,, 
In November 2013 I bought for US$ 100,- Bitcoins registered under number SEZ13001 
and then purchased in December 2014 for US $10,- bitcoins registered under number Colibri_010.
I have not taken any action since then but my Bitcoins Balance until 20/12/2017 was for SEZ13001 Bitcoins Balance 0.0104 and for Colibri_01 0 the Bitcoins Balance was 0.0066.
Can you explain the difference to me, knowing that the value of the Bitcoins has risen sharply in the past years and especially in the year 2017, and according to your claim the monthly fixed costs are 2 Euro. 

I feel that there is a misunderstanding here and that I am being disadvantaged?

Yours sincerely,
Steven Zinhagel ([email protected])

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi Steven,
Well, these 2 codes you mention, SEZ13001 and Colibri_010, mean nothing to me. I assume that these are transaction identifiers for Virwox. As such, these codes are unique to Virwox and can’t be used to track your trades outside of your account statements. This chart should help (you will have to download it or change the date parameters to see prices for the actual dates):
The difference between your purchase costs seems in line with Bitcoin’s price rise. The higher Bitcoin’s price, the lower the bitcoin amount you’ll get for the same amount of Euros. I suggest that you check the Bitcoin price on those dates to ensure that you got a fair price, after fees.

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