Steven Rowen asked 1 year ago

I\’ve been looking at the Uphold platform and it seems people either love it or hate it. What\’s your opinion on https://uphold.com

niveKevin replied 1 year ago

by slow I mean 10 days to get money from bank. 3-4 for the debit to appear in your account. and the rest who knows where it goes for those days? some one making some interest off it?? ACH should take 3 days max.

niveKevin replied 1 year ago

I used it. It is very slow in my opinion but it seems to work ok. fees are good only 1.05% to change $$ to bitcoin. transfers $$ straight to outside bitcoin wallet.

1 Answers
Zsofia Elek answered 1 year ago

Hi Steven,
We are pretty busy at the moment so I am not sure when we will able to write a review about Uphold. If you are in doubt whether it is scam or legit, I suggest you use our Bitcoin Scam Test Tool and draw your own conclusion.

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