NY asked 1 year ago

I’ve sent $100 worth of btc from my blockchain. The person hasn’t receive it yet but my transaction details show 47 confirmation and unspent.
Please what could that be ?
How many confirmations is required ?

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 12 months ago

Hi NY,
The recipient should be able to see your incoming transaction in their wallet almost immediately, before it’s even confirmed once. If they still can’t see the amount, then there are only a few likely explanations:
The amount was sent to an incorrect address. Double-check with the person that the address you sent the coin to exists within their wallet. One way you could get them to prove that they own the address is to use their wallet to sign a message from that address. This will prove they own the private key to that address, without revealing the private key. They can search their wallet’s documentation to find instructions on the signing process but it’s pretty simple – just a matter of selecting the Sign tool in the wallet, entering the address in question and writing an arbitrary message such as the date and their name.
The next possibility, if it is indeed the correct address, is that their wallet is broken in some way. Most likely it’s unable to connect to the internet and so cannot receive updated info from the Bitcoin network which contain your transaction. Ensure that the person can get online and that their wallet is synced to the most block (again, they can consult their wallet’s documentation if they’re unsure how to check that).
The least likely possibility here is that either their wallet or yours is malicious. The more unknown and new the wallet is, the more likely this is as a possibility, although I still think it’s fairly unlikely. To check, search the wallet’s name and see if any other people are having the same problem or have reported it as a scam wallet.
If none of these cases apply, please get back to me with the transaction ID and I’ll try to help further.
If none

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