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Nomsa Ralieshane asked 1 year ago

I received bitcoins in my wallet they said 0 unconfirmed 3 after that they disappeared again  what’s going its the second time I experience this how long this will take this is very frustrating but I did view my transactions it still says on blockchain unconfirmed what can I do

Davidpautt replied 1 year ago

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1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi Nomsa,
To get further info on your stuck transaction (tx), please enter the transaction ID (txid) into the Blockchain.info block explorer – https://blockchain.info – enter the full TXID in the search block in the top right corner of the site.
The site will display 2 important bits of info for our purposes: the size of the tx (where around 250 bytes is average) and the fee in satoshis paid for each byte.
You may use the Earn site to see the current expected processing time for various sat / byte fee levels – https://bitcoinfees.21.co – if the site indicates that your existing sat / byte fee is reasonable, you can attempt to rebroadcast your tx (see below).
Jochen’s site will display the historical and current number of unconfirmed payments for the various fee levels: https://jochen-hoenicke.de/queue/#2w – the link displays txs over the last 2 weeks but this period can be changed.
The first thing to try is sending your transaction ID (txid) to Bitcoin transaction accelerators. Here are three options:
1) The ConfirmTX accelerator will process transactions below 300 bytes for free but larger transactions will requre a $5 payment:
2) ViaBTC’s accelerator is free but often unavailable, as it only accepts a certain number of tx submissions at a time:
3) This forum thread for Coolwave accelerator is also worth submitting your tx, although you will need to register an account on the BitcoinTalk forum:
I don’t know what wallet you’re using or if the transaction is to an address you own. However, here are some further options which you can try if the accelerators don’t help:
1) Wait. Jochen’s site will indicate if the Bitcoin network is very busy at this time. It can be hoped that the load will lessen over any upcoming holidays or weekends, as demand usually slackens at these times.
2) Rebroadcast. If your wallet supports this feature, you can attempt to resend the transaction if it’s no longer in the mempool. After about 2 weeks the transaction should fade from the mempool. You can tell if a tx has faded from the mempool by checking for it in Bitcoin block explorers, like Blockchain.info or Blockchair.com
3) Replace By Fee (RBF). This is a way to double-spend in an acceptable method which many miners recognise. It only works if you sent your transaction initially as an RBF-enabled transaction and not all wallets support RBF as an option. If your wallet does support it, you can prevent future problems by sending all transactions as RBF.
4) Double Spend with a High Fee. Double spending is usually regarded as an attack on the Bitcoin network and so it’s not supported as an easily-accessible option in most wallets. You will need advanced knowledge of the inner workings of Bitcoin to craft your own manual double spend transaction and it may not work.
5) Child Pays for Parent. This works by using the stuck transaction as the input to a new transaction which includes fees high enough to pay for both. This will only work if you own the address to which the stuck transaction is directed OR if the recipient of your transaction is willing to use this method.
Certain wallets are CPFP compatible and are able to perform this process in a more or less automated fashion.
If your wallet doesn’t support CPFP explicitly, it may be necessary to send the entire wallet contents to a new address (under the wallet owner’s control, of course). This may incur very high fees if the wallet contains a lot of small inputs.
Please check back on 99 Bitcoins for our full guide to this common stuck-tx situation. It’s coming soon!

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