Trezor vs paper wallet

Shimi asked 2 years ago

I am trying to find the safest way to store large amounts of crypto-coins for a relatively long time (months/years).
I have narrowed it down to a Trezor hardware wallet or a paper wallet. 
Paper wallet is ultra safe against theft but is NOT comfortable to operate in case of a partial withdrawal.
Trezor is much more user friendly, but I am not sure how safe it actually is compared to a good old paper wallet.  
Can you please advise on the Trezor’s safety?
Also on the same subject of safety. if it considered unsafe to store a paper wallet or a wallet’s seed phrases as an encrypted file inside an encrypted zip file on my computer or cloud storage?

1 Answers
Zsofia Elek answered 2 years ago

Hi Shimi,
Both hardware wallets and paper wallets are good choices to store Bitcoins in a secure way. You are right in terms of the difference between the user experiences of these types of wallets.
Trezor is a very good product, you can read in our review that we like it very much. There are also couple of other hardware wallets on the market like Ledger or Keepkey, you can also read our reviews about them to draw your own conclusion. They are all very safe solutions.
Regarding to storing wallet seeds or paper wallets, just make sure to store it in a way that no one could have unauthorized access to it. 

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