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c asked 1 year ago

Hi, again thanks in advance, can you recommend where i learn to use trezor with multiple wallets. I set 1 with mycelium  to trezor but want to take other keys off too from coinomy etc. But no where  is a simple explanation. I understand safest to send to trezor address instead of sweep but where do i get address  for altcoins?please explain.thanks alot, i cant seem to find how to use it

c replied 1 year ago

Thanks,you help everytime.great service and iv told lots of newbees about u too

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi c,
When dealing with multiple currencies with your Trezor, keep in mind that not all altcoin wallets are compatible with Trezor. The simplest way to access all the altcoins supported by Trezor is to access the the Trezor online wallet. This can be found at:
You will need to install Trezor Bridge and plug in your Trezor in order to access the Trezor Wallet.
Once Trezor Wallet has loaded, select from the supported coins using the drop-down menu found on the left panel. Once your desired cryptocurrency is selected, navigate to the “Receive” tab to view your addresses. You may then safely transfer any altcoins to these Trezor Wallet addresses for safekeeping on your hardware wallet.

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