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c asked 11 months ago

Hi, can you tell me best place to send alts to transfer to trezor please? From coinomy,as they dont allow use. Thanks

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Steven Hay answered 11 months ago

Hey c,
I\’d say the best place to send altcoins is to the dedicated Trezor app. As far as I know, there is no multi-crypto wallet at this stage which supports hardware wallets, though this feature is on the roadmap for Exodus (and probably others).
You can access the Trezor wallet at:
Check out the Docs and Support pages there if you haven\’t used the wallet before. It\’s fairly straightforward; you select your cryptocurrency from the dropdown to the left then send payments to your addresses, displayed under the Receive tab.
Be especially careful with sending Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash! Make sure you only send Bitcoin to Bitcoin addresses and Bcash to Bcash addresses. If you mix these up, you\’ll lose the coins.

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