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c asked 2 years ago

Hi,im new to using trezor, did mycelium for btc awhile ago as you said.thanks. have coinomy too,can you tell me how to move alts to trezor please? Heard do it in myetherwallet,how can i do it please?thanks in advance,please kep up the good work

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Zsofia Elek answered 2 years ago

Hi, on Trezor’s blog you can find a detailed walkthrough about how to use Myetherwallet with Trezor, please check this out first. If you stuck or have any specific question, please let us know and we are happy to help you out.

Steven Hay answered 2 years ago

Hi c, Zsofia’s suggestion is the way to go. Trezor will help you secure ETH, ETC, and ERC-20 tokens via MyEtherWallet. The Trezor online wallet ( is also compatible with Dash, Zcash and Bcash.
All you need to do is setup your Trezor-linked wallet then fund it from your old accounts. I suggest you study up on the process in the Trezor documentation as there are quite a lot of steps involved. Most important is to backup your recovery seed!

Craig replied 2 years ago

Thanks guys,I’ll get the hang of soon. Always great help. Recommended to quite a few now and all happy.thanks

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