trezor and address help plz

craig asked 2 years ago

Hi,thanks for the info as always,im all set to buy now,could you tell me if i buy from coinbase by bank transfer,can i put my trezor address in to deposit or will it go in coinbase address then move to trezor??also when i buy for cash can i do straight to trezor address or will it goto mylocalbitcoins etc address then i move? hope i can do to save fees.thankyou,your all great and for free!great

1 Answers
Zsofia Elek answered 2 years ago

Hi Craig, if you buy Bitcoins from Coinbase or Local Bitcoins you will receive your coins to your online wallet. From there you can move the coins into your safe Trezor hardware wallet.  Here is the support page from Trezor how to receive coins. You can also read more about hardware wallets in this article

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