Transfering from CoinBase to GateHub in order to buy Ripple

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Thais Zoe asked 11 months ago


1. I want to transfer my BTC, LTC and ETH from CoinBase to GateHub. Do you have a step-by-step tutorial for a beginner? (I have a verified account with GateHub, but have not deposited any USD, as my bank’s transfer fees don’t make sense).

2. Once they are transferred I want to convert some of what I transfer to Ripple and hold in GateHub. Do you have a step-by-step for this?

Once I understand how the codes and transfer keys work, I’ll continue buying Ripple this way, as a lot cheaper than bank transfers!

Thakns in advance for your help, as well as all the great articles you write!!

Thais Zoe

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 11 months ago

Hey Thais Zoe,
We don’t have a step-by-step for this process, no. However, it’s fairly standard and straight-forward. What you need to do is as follows:

  1. Log into GateHub and navigate to the Deposit tab (I think it’s called Deposit, it could be called something related like Funding or Finance – it’s been a while since I used GateHub and I can’t recall their exact wording).
  2. Find the coins in the listings which you wish to deposit. By clicking each coin, an address should be generated. Note this address down as it will be the address to which you withdraw the relevant coins from Coinbase. 
  3. Log into Coinbase and find the Withdraw tab. Enter the relevant address of the coin you wish to send to GateHub into the Coinbase address withdrawal field. For example, if you wish to withdraw Bitcoin, you’ll enter your Bitcoin address from GateHub into the withdrawal field on Coinbase. The important thing here is not to mix up the addresses and to ensure that you copy each address correctly.

I hope you follow all this, it’s not too difficult. Try it for the first time with a small amount, just as a test. Once you see the amount in a block explorer (whichever exchange you withdraw from should give you the transaction ID which you can enter into any block explorer for the coin concerned in order to verify the transaction) you’ll know that it’s worked correctly. It may take a little while for each exchange to send the amount as they tend to send a bunch of transactions together to save money.
Let me know if you need any further assistance with this.

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