trading in bitcoin ?

jeez asked 1 year ago

is there something we can trade in bitcoin expect the currency pair ?? what are the different scripts we have in trading in bitcoin , example can we directly trade BTC index futures /options(calls and puts)
i am sorry if thhis is stupid question

your ask anything doesnot give any confirmation whether post is submitted or not , plz check ur code just sits there and we r not sure if post is posted or not

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Ofir Beigel answered 1 year ago

Hey Jeez – you are right regarding the plugin code – I will get this fixed ASAP thanks.
Regarding your question – here’s a complete guide about Bitcoin CFD trading that can help you trade this currency pair, I think that is what you asked for.

Ofir Beigel replied 1 year ago

I’m actually don’t really know the answers to most of your questions. Different exchanges have different exchange rates – that’s why you’re seeing a different price on Google than on Coinbase for example.
Usually it’s best to choose one of the bigger exchanges (i.e. GDAX, Kraken, Bitstamp) and use their price as a guide. You can also use to get the average from all exchanges.

jeez replied 1 year ago

pretty much the above link covers most of my doubts on trading bitcoin . my next question would be ,
1)there are lot of websites showing bitcoin value say coinbase value is now : 1182 , wheras google finance value is showing 1170 , which is the accurate one to follow on live say on 1 minute basis ?
2) if there is difference in current market price , will there be also difference in historic price ?
3)i would like to reference the current market price on live basis and also historic price of BTC in my website and am confused which exchange or website to follow , any guide will be of quite helpfull
4)just like google finance , is it possible to get BITCOIN O,L,H.,Close value into spreadsheet on say 1 min timeframe

guess have shoot lot of stupid questions , try answering if it makes sense to you ..your website so far i found true asset in understanding the bitccoin concepts ..thanks for your efforts

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