The value in dollar and the value in Yen,

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Yoshiyuki Sekiguchi asked 12 months ago

Right now, your website is showing $ value and Yen value of one Bitcoin, then, my question is why so different value when it compares normal currency exchange rate between $ and ¥? In other word, I need to pay about $4000. for one Bitcoin. Right? But if I paid by Japanese Yen, I just can pay about ¥27864. For same one Bitcoin, is that right former??? ¥27864. That straight conventional currency exchange would be about $255. That makes me puzzled.

Thanks for the time.


1 Answers
Zsofia Elek answered 12 months ago

Hi Yoshiyuki,
Our site displays the price of Bitcoin in four different currency: US dollar, Chinese Yuan, Euro and British Pound. The prices displayed here are the market price listed on Cryptocompare feeding from various exchanges which are trading that currency pair. The exchange rate on a specific exchange might differ from that and you have to consider other factors as timing and fees as well. You can read about Bitcoin arbitrage opportunities in this article.

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