the symmetry mutual fund

gregory asked 12 months ago

thank you very much for creating the 99 bitcoin site . the information provided is helpful and easy to comprehend. on that note what is your opinion regarding the Symmetry mutual fund . the fund seeks to diversify its investment across different coins. thank you for your help.

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 12 months ago

Hey Gregory,
Well, in my opinion, this is something anyone could do for themselves without paying a fund manager to do it for them. I saw the Weiss Report from some Wall Street firm, which rated cryptocurrencies according to some really questionable metrics… and the only conclusion I could draw was that Wall Street don’t know their elbow from a hole in the ground when it comes to crypto. Symmetry may be better than Weiss but I wouldn’t bet on it. Probably you should just do your own research and hold your own cryptos – that’s safer in any case plus you’ll save a ton of money.

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