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sandra asked 1 year ago

A few days ago, i was able to enter any amount, but after clicking on “confirm” button, it loaded for days stating, waiting confirmation; now when i did the same activity today, it keep saying in an error message, Uh Oh, you don’t have enough funds in your wallet; and never received confirmation of amount that was entered a few days ago; whats going on here???

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hi Sandra,
Well, it sounds like you spent all the money in the wallet. Do you see a figure for the wallet’s balance anywhere? The remaining balance is all that you’ll be allowed to send out, as Bitcoin wallets cannot go into the negative (debt, as with credit card accounts).
I’m not sure about the confirmation part. Are you saying that you sent an amount, which was never confirmed? Or were you expecting to receive an amount, which never confirmed? Either way, it’s necessary to wait for a transaction to be confirmed by miners (entered into the blockchain) before that amount becomes an official part of Bitcoin’s transaction record (aka blockchain).

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