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william cunningham asked 1 month ago

I received a text message at 17.55 hr on the 16/02/2018. Message read. Your Bitcoin account has been activated,your current balance is 13,045.18 GBP, claim your funds now. the web address to contact is, http://www.acmvip.com/f/wraM9w9. I do not have any idea about this
site at all, could you please enlighten me on this as i think it is a scam.
If this is the case, the i will be contacting the authorities abou this.

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 month ago

Hi William,
It’s almost certainly a scam, yes! DO NOT VISIT THAT SITE. It will probably attempt to install malware onto your computer or device. This is exactly how these sites try to trick people into visiting them, so that they can infect them. I’ve seen this type of thing happen a lot with unsolicited emails, promising great rewards if you visit some sketchy URL (often shortened via link-shortening service). 
While VirusTotal.com didn’t pick up malware on that site, that doesn’t rule it out either. It could link to malware or contain scams or info harvesting of some kind. See here for a similar scam, which might even be from the same people:

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