tell me these countries are banned bitcoin or not ?

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: Questionstell me these countries are banned bitcoin or not ?

shoaib asked 2 months ago

dear sir i am belonges frome pakistan. please tell me in pakistan bitcoin is banned or not and use of it’s illegal or not ? and tell me  ? and please tell me in dubai bitcoin atm has been running properly and tell me in dubai bitcoin is banned/illegal  or not ?  because i wanted to buy and earn with bitcoin .so please guide me properly thanks

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 2 months ago

Hi Shoaib,
To the best of my knowledge, Bitcoin is banned in Pakistan. See this link for details:
As for the UAE, I believe Bitcoin is legal there and may be used freely. I know BitOasis exchange operates there, without any problems I’ve heard of besides some recent banking issues.

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