Swisscoin IPO Promised on 1st August, 2017.

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Vic. asked 1 year ago

Good day 99bitcoin, I want to use this opportunity to request and assist me as well as other investors to find out or update us, if possible about swisscoin ( of which I am an investor. We have been reliably informed on the swisscoin platform that the coin will start being traded in the public starting from 1st August, 2017, but till date I am yet to see the coin on the coinmarketcap. Till date am yet to read any news regarding the reasons why the coin is yet to be traded as earlier promised on the coin website or on the news section of the dashboard for the investors.
I humbly request that you use your skills as well as experiences to find out for us investors what could be the reasons for delaying.
Recently, they introduced the SIC wallet in preparation for the IPO as well as security of wallet. please use you experience and knowledge in the crypto currency and assist me as well as others to figure what could be the reasons for this delay.
Secondly, what future potentials do you envisage on this coin?
Kind regards,

1 Answers
Zsofia Elek answered 1 year ago

Hi Vic, We don’t really have any information about Swisscoin, so we are not familiar with the background story why the ICO is postponed. Maybe you can try to follow up with directly the developer team or check the social media channels if other users know more. Regarding the future¬†value, I suggest you check out our video about how to evaluate an altcoin and try to draw your own conclusion about Swisscoin.

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