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Elioth Ganeb asked 2 years ago

Wow,just received my third payout. Thanks! And i was wondering…. Is it possible to add a bot,software or whatever it is called,to this site,that can automatically do the claiming for us daily for a certain number of times specified? Ofcause within the range of daily *120 claim and if need be,at a cost that is correlating with the minimum withdraw amount. Deposit and manual withdraw options also added,making it possible to deposit satoshi to the site or use what is already stored up in the account to make a deposit for autoclaim option? And average satoshi claim for autoclaim be reduced to maybe around 30-100 satoshi,so as to avoid exhausting the site.

1 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 2 years ago

Hey Elioth, not sure I understand your question as it seems you’re asking for us to create a bot that will allow you to use the site automatically?
But that would beat the whole purpose of the site and the revenue model that currently sustains it. We need to get money to pay people on the faucet somehow, so we do it by showing them ads. If the site would be run over by bots it would be destroyed in a matter of days since no revenue is coming in.
So no, it’s not possible to allow bots on the site.

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