SolveMedia Problem

Jan Cabrera asked 1 year ago

Hey 99bitcoins staff, I just wanted to ask.. Since I tried to make my own faucet, I’m still not an owner since I can’t make it work…

I want to use the SolveMedia captcha but it never appears. .captcha doesn’t have anything as well. When I choose ReCaptcha it works, but I believe SolveMedia is better.

Do you have a work around for this problem?

1 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 1 year ago

Hey Jan,
there can be many issues for this.
I suggest opening a support ticket through the faucet plugin. Also please make sure to add screenshots of the process so we can help out as best we can.

bitcoins7886 replied 7 months ago

Good evening sir Ofir, who can I enter my answer in solve captcha?

    Zsofia Elek replied 7 months ago

    Hi, if you mean the captcha on the 99Bitcoins Faucet, the field is under the captcha where you can enter the text.

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