Should I mine in school

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Justin asked 2 years ago

I was thinking about mining while I\’m at university in my dorm room where I\’m not directly charged for electricity. Would it become a better investment to mine while in college since electricity is virtually free? If I do decide to mine also, I do not want to use my personal computer to run mining software along with mining hardware because I use it often. Can I just buy a cheap computer to run the software with mining hardware without losing efficiency? Thank you for your time.

1 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 2 years ago

Hi Justin,
it’s impossible to earn any Bitcoins today by mining with your personal computer. Instead you’ll need a dedicated mining rig that costs a lot of money, emits a lot of heat and is very noisy. I doubt someone will not notice this on your school :)
Also the electricity charges are pretty high, so I’m guessing someone might notice and start investigating as well.
In my opinion, it’s not a good option, but at least now you know what it entails and can take a proper decision.
Good luck!

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