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Rob Martin asked 2 years ago

Ofir, I’m having a serious problem. I signed up for a Coinbase account. I have been able to transfer about $10,000 into it over months bc of their limitations. They are refusing to verify my ID. Even with DL and bank transfers, etc. They have ZERO customer support. Extremely frustrating.

I want to buy about $30,000 more and simply cannot find a secure way to do so. I made an account with Gemini. It’s been a WEEK and I am still waiting on ID verification. A google search reveals that it can take WEEKS for Gemini. I am speachless about that. Another exchange verified me, but they only support a small number of banks. Capitol One isn’t one of them.

I am at a loss. I dont have the tech savy to use a cold storage wallet with confidence for that amount. I just want a reliable exchange to buy and then hold bitcoins & Ethereum.

Can you offer me any advice? Seriously at a loss here.

Thank you Ofir in advance


Rob M.

1 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 2 years ago

Hey Rob,
first of all – what do you mean you’re not tech savvy to use a hardware wallet? You’re going to keep that kind of amount on a Bitcoin exchange?? If that’s the case then I think you’re going in the wrong direction. If you can write this message to me you can use a hardware wallet, they are REALLY simple to use. So I just want to get that out of the way first.
Regarding exchanges – for these type of amounts I’d check with Kraken or Bitstamp, I think they will give you the most competitive fees and they accept customers worldwide.
But PLEASE don’t keep your Bitcoins on the exchange.

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