Sent CEX.IO BCH to Coinbase BTC wallet.

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Nick Casadona asked 1 year ago

I recently sent my BCH from CEX.IO app to my Coinbase app before switching it to BTC by accident. It was about $450 worth of BCH like .3. I called Coinbase and they said it was lost. I’m obviously freaking out. I’ve read as much as I could on this issue but I don’t understand private keys and this and that. I’ve also seen there are some people that can access this BCH if I pay them. I will pay a trusted person to get my BCH back. I’ll pay 25% of what I have to someone that can help me get my BCH back. Please don’t be rude in replies, I already know I messed up…

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 1 year ago

Hey Nick,
OK, so if I understand correctly, you sent BCH to a BTC address on Coinbase?
Ordinarily you might be able to reclaim this without too much difficulty, so long as it wasn’t a SegWit BTC address. The good news (for you, if not the network) is that Coinbase hasn’t implemented SegWit addresses yet. The bad news is that only Coinbase control the private key which controls the BTC / BCH address you sent the coins to.
Unless Coinbase are willing to help you out, there’s nothing further which can be done. Coinbase are planning to implement Bcash support in January 2018, so they will probably be better equipped to help you from that time on. I expect that it’s going to be a lengthy ordeal trying to get them to help with something like this – it’s not that they don’t care but they’re experiencing a huge influx of users right now and struggling with a lot of problems.
I’d say you should open a support ticket as well as ask for help on Coinbase’s social media channels, like their Twitter and subreddit. The better you understand the problem, the more concise you’ll be able to be in your support requests, which will also help them to deal with the problem. Good luck!

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