Sending coin from EXMO :(

Leonard Ochoa asked 11 months ago

Hi Ofir,
I was reading a review from Mark grill about EXMO 03/01/18. He gives a good, very positive outlook about EXMO. He says they’re on the up and up with great customer support and low fees. Since they’re such a great exchange I was wondering if you or Mark could help me. I’ve had 1200 XRP on the EXMO site since December. I can’t get my coin off their site and into my wallet no matter how hard I try. I’ve never had this problem on any other exchange. When I send the coin out it just sits pending with 1 verification for weeks on end. I’ve tried many different wallets and to no avail. They won’t answer my requests for help they just keep ignoring any form of communication that I’ve attempted. I’ve tried everything I know of. Please help me, I just want my coin off EXMO.

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Steven Hay answered 11 months ago

Hi Leonard,
Hope you don’t mind my answering for Ofir.
Exmo is the exchange that the CEO got kidnapped, yes? I’ve not heard any reports of them blocking withdrawals before. Is it possible that some info was missing from your withdrawal request – I know Ripple sometimes wants an extra block of info besides the withdrawal address, so please make sure you filled in all relevant fields.
Otherwise, this sort of situation where there’s a problem but the exchange won’t help or even respond is always difficult. What I usually suggest is making as public a fuss as possible, across all of Exmo’s social media channels. Don’t be rude but quote your support ticket number and clearly state that you can’t withdraw your 1200 XRP and how long you’ve been waiting. No exchange wants this kind of publicity, so often this will motivate them to resolve your issue.
You can try their Twitter:
and their ExmoCoin subreddit:
I wasn’t able to find more social media channels for Exmo exchange specifically, but perhaps you can dig up a Facebook or something similar. It could also help a lot to report the issue on all Ripple-related channels and well the general crypto subreddit:
Keep banging the drum until you get a satisfactory response / resolution is the best advice I can give you.

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