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Tobrest asked 2 years ago

I read this article from you:
Thank you for this juttingly description.
Unfortunately I was not able to make a comment on this site. The post comment button was not working.
Please allow me the following question:
When I use the method Bither/Bitpie, can I the withdraw my claimed fork coins to an external exchange of my choice to convert the fork coins into BTC, without giving Bither/Bitpie my personal information, like telephone number, ID, prove of residence and so on?
Would appreciate your answer. Thank you.

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 2 years ago

Hey Tobrest,
OK, if BitPie is asking for your personal info then you’ve clicked the wrong button. Be sure to click only the “Exchange” button 2nd from the left on the bottom bar. There’s some kind of weird crypto bank / investment option up top – I’m not sure how it works but only that option will request your personal info. I don’t think you can even use if you’re outside a few specific countries, like China and a few others.
As for sending coins out from BitPie (after you’ve claimed them using Bither and they’ve arrived in your BitPie wallet) – sure, you can do that easily. Just send them from BitPie to whichever deposit address the exchange gives you and be very sure that you’re sending the right type of coin to its matching exchange address. BitPie’s coin selection features are very small and fiddly and it’s easy to mix up which coin you’re sending – I’ve done it myself.
Once you’ve found the proper exchange portion of BitPie, be sure to compare the prices there to whichever exchange is allowing deposits. BitPie’s prices are usually worse but this may not always be the case.

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