Marc asked 2 years ago

Can you please help me with purchasing ripple. Every were i try it says cant buy i the united state. I have a coinbase account with bit coin. I tried on gate hub. Sent them 300 dollars worth of bit coin. I only received 19.91 ripple. They screwed me over. I looked it says i have the rest in bitcoin. However because my ripple account isnt over 20 coins it wont let me set up gateways. The one gateway says its still pending. 6 days now. I need a different place to buy ripple. Not gate hub i  the US. Thanks very much. Mark

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 2 years ago

Hi Mark,
Ripple is fully centralised and kind of scammy with their pre-mine and such. Not sure why it’s so popular right now.I don’t really know how their gateways work but maybe buy a bit more and try to set one up.
Anyway, I suggest you try exchage for buying Ripple. They take USD deposits.

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