Relationship Between Mnemonic Seed And Private Key

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: General questionsRelationship Between Mnemonic Seed And Private Key

Matthew asked 2 years ago

I created a bitcoin wallet on and I was given a 12 phrase mnemonic seed and advised to keep it securely for backup purposes.
1. Is this seed the same thing as my private key ?
2. If not, how are the seed and key related ?
3. Is the seed alone enough as a backup, or should I get the private key as well ?
Thanks …

1 Answers
Zsofia Elek answered 2 years ago

Hi Matthew, Seed and private key are very similar terms, they are needed to control your Bitcoins. But they are not the same, they are used in different ways. A seed is used to generate a series of private keys using an algorithm. Both needed to be kept safe, but the seed is enough to recover your address. You can read more about private keys in this article.

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