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vivek agrawal asked 2 years ago

Hey OFIR. I wanted to know that can I make website like a HYIP Monitor using WordPress. If not than can you suggest me any Website Builder Tool for making a HYIP Monitor. As there will be a lot of Updates daily updated and there is needed a Vote Bar as well. So can you please Help me Regarding that. I was trying to look for answers to it but not getting any. You can check out
In this website you can see the HYIP’s Listing below the Banners, like that a Form will be needed so can such complications be added using WordPress and daily updates as well.
I have some ideas about making a Hyip Monitor but I am not knowing that can I make it using WordPress?
Can WordPress 1 Click Installation be downloaded from somewhere before taking subscription from any Host Service.
It will be really helpful if you can assist me in brief

1 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 2 years ago

Hello Vivek, I don’t usually answer questions that are not related to Bitcoin on this blog. In this case however I will try to dispense the little knowledge that I have.
There is no “out of the box” HYIP monitor installation as far as I know. You’ll need to hire a dedicated developer to code that for you (you can find one on Regarding the WordPress install – you can download the WP framework for free on the official WordPress site, but you’ll need to install it on your own server in order to configure it.
The short answer is hire a developer to do this for you. 

Ofir Beigel replied 2 years ago

As I said, I think this will need to be custom coded. There may be some plugins that will help you set some of the things up without a developer, but from what you’ve described here I believe you won’t be able to do all of it. Like you said, I think that the support response was just in order to get you to buy their product.
Just my two cents..

vivek agrawal replied 2 years ago

I was going through some Blogs and even Interacted with chat Support, they told such can be made by own using WordPress 1 Click Install. But the reason i don’t want to subscribe on their words is because it might be for making sale. So i wanted to know this from you as you too are using WordPress. Can you let me know is there such Features available on WordPress that i can make Hyip Monitor. The main thing is the Listing Section and Voting which is complicated as that will have to be updated everyday so how to change their status and transfer the listing from Paying to Waiting / Scam. And i can make comment section for every listing as well i guess by using WordPress. So if you can help me out with this Confusion it will be great 🙂

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