Regarding virwox and buy/sell BTC.

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersRegarding virwox and buy/sell BTC.
George Hunt asked 10 months ago

My question is regarding a method that you have recommended. It’s about Virwox “exchange”. I understand that they now DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO BUY LINDEN DOLLARS WITH PAYPAL anymore. As such buying BTC through Virwox doesn’t work anymore? I read about this through As you know more about Bitcoin matters more than anyone,can you please confirm that this is true? I haven’t heard of such news on your site and other BTC sites too.
Thank you very much, Ofir!

1 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 10 months ago

Hey George,
I haven’t heard anything about this. Can you please post a link to the Bitcointalk thread you found this information on?
As far as I can tell things are still like they used to be.

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