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c asked 1 year ago

Hi, thanks for all your advice since starting,helped me lots.i got your rec on coinomy wallet not long ago. I did have 1 already,it is a good wallet with support centre which is still improving, anyway im not tech savvy at all, i got a new tablet months ago with no problems until it just froze in upgrade,now it wont connect to my internet and doesnt let me in coinomy in other place, but after panic i put seed in another device and restored wallet. Sound.all there perfect. What i cant find out is!  isit still safe to use now seeds been used? or should i move all to a new wallet and get new seed?  Dont want to lose any! Only me saw the seed but had to put in coinomy, i know that should be ok but i use tablet6 with mcafee,is that safe enough or can you please recommend how to help myself?no1 can get to the tablet,and all passwords seeds seperate and moved homes as advised.Im glad i listened to you and looked after passwords etc. Also iv btc in a trezor before aug1st and havnt claimed btch yet, is there any time limit? any advice how to do without moving btc? And how please? Thankyou in advance and please keep up the good work,you guys are great.seriously,when its a little more mainsream im sure youl be alot busier.iv recommended at least 20 n 7 i know say good things and thank me!lol. Anyway sorry for all the questions in 1 but i know youl know straight away so thought id let you read 1 big en instead of ldz of dif 1s. Thanks alot

1 Answers
Zsofia Elek answered 1 year ago

Hey, thanks for the kind words about the site and our work, we appreciate it very much.
Regarding your questions, as long as the seed phase is safe, your coins are safe. Just make sure to back up them as you have done before and do not share that with anyone. I am not sure what happened exactly with the tablet if you feel your seed phase has been compromised it is better to open a new account.
We have a put together a walkthrough how to claim your Bitcoin Cash, there is no time for doing this. 

c replied 1 year ago

Thanks guys,ur great as usual and helped again

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