Reception of Eroiys

Eduardo Contreras asked 11 months ago

bought chips at the Eroiy ICO and now they must send them to a NEM wallet (according to what they tell me).
I had a NEM wallet, but I have the doubt: by sending the address of that wallet, the Eroiys are deposited when they send them?
Should not do anything else with the wallet so they can deposit that currency in it?
Thank you.

1 Answers
Steven Hay answered 11 months ago

Hi Eduaro,
OK, so according to Page 10 of the Eroiy white paper:
“EroiyCoins sold during the ICO will be immediately distributed to the provided address inside the EroiyCoin Client Area and be made visible and accessible at the Eroiy eWallet.”
So those EroiyCoins were the tokens for the ICO, as far as I understand. As the ICO has now ended, I believe the eRoiy should be distributed. According to page 11, this process requires that you’ve sent them the address of your wallet. It’s unclear to me if they mean your NEM or Eroiy wallet.
If you don’t see coins in either of your wallets and you definitely submitted the relevant address, then my only advice is that you should contact the Eroiy team for further assistance.

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