Quick Beginner Questions?

Bilal Shah asked 3 years ago

I have few questions please answer them: I am holding an investment to invest. I am ONLY waiting for your reply.

What are the things we need to get started as NEW trader?

Q: Which is the best wallet for holding Bitcois.net? i use (Bitoasis) since i live in Dubai it’s easy to withdraw.

Q: Which is the best exchange to trade BTC in Middle east? I live in Dubai. would like to hear about (Bitoasis.net).. What do you think about them?

Q: What are the best tools and mobile apps to monitor charts and set bids?

Q: Which do you think about SpectroCoin?

Q: What is Marginal Trade and How I can use Margin Strategy on Bitoasis.net exchange?

I would really appreciate the answers, Im pretty sure other members would also have same questions in their minds as well and would benefit from your reply as well. Have a nice day everyone!

1 Answers
Zsofia Elek answered 3 years ago

Hi Bilal, thanks for writing in, these are indeed important questions. Unfortunately we do not have experience with BitOasis or Spectrocoin, so I am not able to advise on those specific questions, probably it is best to follow up with their support team directly. Let’s see your questions in general.
There are different types of wallets available to store Bitcoins, it depends on your needs what suits you the best. Here is a comparision of Bitcoin wallets, with reviews as well to help you in the decision.
Here you can find a list of exchanges with reviews included as well where you can trade Bitcoins. If you only want to profit from the changes of Bitcoin price, you can also trade with Bitcoin CFDs. Each of these trading platforms have their own charts and analitical tools. 
Margin trading is when you borrow money to increase your leverage available to trade on the market. If you are a beginner trader I would suggest to avoid margin trading up until you gain a bit of experience as it involves significant amount of risk. Our Bitcoin trading guide includes information on margin trading as well. 
I also suggest you to sign up to our Crash Course, it could also have some valuable information for you regarding to Bitcoin. 

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