Questions about my new Faucet –

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersQuestions about my new Faucet –

Double asked 2 years ago

Hi Ofir !I have a few questions regarding my faucet ;

  • – When is my SolveMedia Captcha going to produce revenue?
  • – How can I promote my new faucet the best?

I am trying to work out to get the basic script away and just keep the FaucetBOX API, so I can customize the page some more.P.S.: Bigger Payouts Soon & removed AdSense.

1 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 2 years ago

regarding SolveMedia you should start seeing it immediately, however if you don’t have enough traffic you won’t see any revenue. I think that any faucet below 5K sessions a day won’t see any substantial revenue at all.
Regarding promotion you can see my best practices on the original post of how to build a Bitcoin faucet. Things haven’t changed that much, the main thing would be to get listed on the popular rotators. After you reach a critical mass of users the referral program should take care of increasing the traffic from there.

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